Nacomi is a brand of natural cosmetics made only from top quality ecological and organic ingredients. We draw inspiration from nature, healthy lifestyle and natural beauty. 

Our unique products combine natural ingredients with beautiful fragrances and they are pleasant to the touch so that women can take delight in their skin and hair care treatments without any risk to their health.

Our passion for making natural cosmetics, driven by customer satisfaction, inspires us to regularly expand our product range for women, but also for men and most importantly, for kids and babies.

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  1. 7 Oils Natural Hot Oil Treatment For Hair 100ml
    LBP 164,000
  2. Acne-Control Face Scrub 85ml
    LBP 83,000
  3. Activator For Clay And Algae Mask Powder 250ml
    LBP 66,500
  4. Algae Face Mask Acne-Fighting Tea Tree Oil 42g
    LBP 222,000
  5. Algae Face Mask Anti-Aging Cranberry 42g
    LBP 222,000
  6. Algae Face Mask Moisturizing Olive Oil 42g
    LBP 222,000
  7. Algae Face Mask Redness Relief Blueberry 42g
    LBP 222,000
  8. Algae Face Mask Soothing Chamomile 42g
    LBP 222,000
  9. Almond Oil Conditioner Hyaluronic Acid & Rice Protein 150ml
    LBP 256,000
  10. Almond Oil Hair Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Rice Protein 200ml
    LBP 409,000
  11. Almond Oil Hair Serum For Dry Ends 50ml
    LBP 159,000
  12. Almond Oil Hair Shampoo Hyaluronic Acid & Rice Protein 250ml
    LBP 321,000
  13. Aloe Face Gel Cream 50ml
    LBP 84,000
  14. Aloe Face Gel Serum 50ml
    LBP 195,000
  15. Anti-Aging Face Scrub 85ml
    LBP 83,000
  16. Argan Oil Hair Conditioner With Pro-Vitamin B5 150ml
    LBP 280,000
  17. Argan Oil Hair Mask With Cashmere 200ml
    LBP 379,000
  18. Argan Oil Hair Serum For Dry Ends 50ml
    LBP 159,000
  19. Argan Oil Hair Shampoo With Trace Element Complex 250ml
    LBP 349,000
  20. Avocado Oil Hair Conditioner With Keratin 150ml
    LBP 258,000
  21. Avocado Oil Hair Mask With Keratin 200ml
    LBP 353,000
  22. Avocado Oil Hair Serum For Dry Ends 50ml
    LBP 165,000
  23. Avocado Oil Hair Shampoo With Keratin 250ml
    LBP 315,000
  24. Bamboo Makeup Removal Cloth 1Pc
    LBP 32,000
  25. Banana Bath Milk 300ml
    LBP 60,000
  26. Bio 3D Skin Lift Lifting Face Cocktail 3In1 85ml
    LBP 99,000
  27. Black Clay Mask Face & Body 90g
    LBP 118,000
  28. Bluberry Dream Body Yoghurt 180ml
    LBP 266,000
  29. Blueberry Cheesecake Body Mousse 180ml
    LBP 350,000
  30. Blueberry Cheesecake Skin Care & Massage Oil 150ml
    LBP 304,000
  31. Botanic Facial Cleansing Foam 150ml
    LBP 330,000
  32. Brightening Hand Cream 85ml
    LBP 172,000
  33. Chocolate Nourishing Face&Lip Scrub 80g
    LBP 279,000
  34. Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover Normal/Combination Skin 150ml
    LBP 65,000
  35. Coconut Oil Cream Body, Hand & Face Moisturizer 100ml
    LBP 226,000
  36. Coconut-Banana Shake Body Mousse 180ml
    LBP 358,000
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178 products

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