Ultra-Lifting Face&Neck Cream 50ml + Night Repair Cream Mask 15ml Kit

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Ultra-lifting face and neck cream 50 ml
Much more than an anti-aging cream, it contains the pure essence of youth at the heart of its formula. As soon as it is applied, thanks to Tens-Activ®, it ensures an immediate lifting effect that minimizes wrinkles and defines the contours of the face. The precious active ingredients that make up Lift HD® Complex guarantee a powerful and intensive age action: the skin texture is progressively restructured, the epidermis is more elastic and compact, the appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced, the face acquires a new youth. Special multi-reflective powders capture the light spreading it harmoniously for an extraordinary effect of brightness and perfection. Rich and nutritious, it is easily absorbed.
Face and Neck Night Repair Cream Mask 15 ml
A powerful night treatment that restructures and regenerates the epidermis at 360 °. Taking advantage of the skin's nocturnal biorhythms, this mask acts according to a precise and programmed strategy that stimulates the ability of skin tissues to self-repair. Key ingredient is a special microalgae extract that optimizes the regeneration mechanisms of skin DNA and counteracts cellular aging from oxidative stress. During the night, while the receptivity of the epidermis is at its maximum, this principle works in association with Lift HD Complex and Tens-Activ and carries out a complete restructuring of the skin texture. Upon awakening, the skin is incredibly smooth and plumped, as if transformed. Night after night the anti-aging action becomes more evident, the size and depth of wrinkles is reduced, the face acquires new tone and firmness.
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SKU I043744
Brand Collistar
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