Nothing can beat a true classic, because a classic always stands the test of time
and that mantra can be applied to Chapter.
The most recognizable brand within the Mades portfolio.
The Chapter range is a story that begins in the bath room. Chapter has a young
personality and is loved by those who still have a zest for life - whatever their age.
Traditional romantic floral bouquets, with creative fruity aromas delight and satisfy
all consumer desires.

Mades Cosmetics made it a challenge to find new and trendy combinations,
without using the obvious versions.
CHAPTER 01 Coconut Monoi
CHAPTER 02 Açai Hibiscus
CHAPTER 03 Berry Amaryllis
CHAPTER 04 Lychee Lotus
CHAPTER 05 Peach Orchid

The transparent coloured packaging and form are key to the image of the Chapter range.
• use of identical colours in all packaging items,
• elegant form,
• skill of design simplicity,
• size of the packaging,
• number of variants and
• overall presentation
make this a range that cannot be overlooked!
The print only uses a few colours and gives the colour of the package the chance
to stand out. The packaging has been especially designed for this range.
The clear design on the front of each Chapter reference unifies all products and variants.
The numbering and flowers indicate the different variants in a straight forward manner.
These simple details give the range a clean and high quality image

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